Acme House of Music is a small, independent music shop located in the Laurel District of Oakland, CA for the past 44 plus years and owned by Wife/Husband team of Annette and John who are also home owners in the neighborhood.  Jay Rose started “Acme Music” all those years ago. John shops locally and would visit the store. He saw that Jay had no family and that he clearly needed help, so for 2 years he volunteered and he and Annette adopted Jay–helping him at the store and at home.

At age 86, Jay simply had to retire and shut his business down, but John and Annette stepped in and opened up “Acme House of Music” at the end of 2009. Annette’s orchestra leader and teacher ran a music store in NJ called “Cordas House of of Music” which inspired her and the store name.

Just before his 89th birthday, Jay passed away. In his time at ACME Jay had a remarkable influence on the community in which he made his home. Several generations of musicians had their start with ACME MUSIC under his benevolent management. Jay was a self made man who was born into a poor farming family in the Central Valley. His incredible love for jazz music became the means through which he transformed himself.

He became a respected jazz drummer and upright bass player in his own right. He was a veteran too who served in Korea. More than anything he was a gentle and open minded individual who had many friends and few enemies. He will be forever in my heart. We imagine most everyone knew him would say the same thing upon hearing this unfortunate news. We love you Jay and will miss you. You were the best friend anyone could ask for and an inspiration. Your legacy lives on through us and through Acme. John and Annette

We beleive in having a positive impact on the community around us and in doing business with integrity.

It is our mission to make music (and creative expression) ACCESSIBLE. We strive to be a family-friendly, welcoming place where music making of all sorts is appreciated.

We are dedicated to providing VALUE, which is why we carry used gear. New and quality are not always synonymous. We believe in value rather than brands.

We are COMMUNITY minded. We live, work and shop in our neighborhood. Most of our customers live, work and shop here too. We strive to carry the stuff and offer the classes and services they need at a price they can afford. We have started a scholarship program. We host local artists in our gallery. We sell and are seeking local craft people who make instruments or accessories. We work with local suppliers whenever possible. Our staff is local. We host local events. We are working with local programs and hiring and training interns. We are creating an Oakland Music Hall of Fame. We provide discounted labor to local schools and churches.

We are GREEN, another reason we like to carry used gear, as well as do repairs. We use recycled products, no VOC paint, our ISP uses wind power to maintain our website, our furniture and fixtures came from other stores that were getting rid of them, we’re working on an organic garden and outside classroom in our yard, our insulation is made from cotton blue jean thread which is created when cutting the fabric at the factory and which otherwise would go into the dump…

We have private lessons for children and adults–beginners through advanced. Our teachers have performed and recorded with the likes of John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Santana, Bobbi McFerrin and many more…

Our products include hand-crafted and customized instruments from local artisans (guitars, amps and drums and more).

We carry new and used instruments, recording gear (mixers, mics etc), PA gear, home stereo components and much much more.

We also offer sound consulting services for anyone looking to economically and effectively install, maintain or idealize professional sound installations, (Churches, Night Clubs and so on).

Acme will also feature a custom built recording studio and band rehearsal space.

We believe in having a positive impact on the community around us and in doing business with integrity.