Enrichment Classes and Workshops

School Enrichment classes and workshops 

Ukulele group classes starting march 2nd

Adult and kids classes available march 2nd will be the start of the 6 week class contact the store for more info http://acmehouseofmusic.com/contact-us/

We offer customized enrichment classes and programs for schools and organizations!

Our classes include: Musicianship and Keyboarding, Composition and Theory, Percussion Ensemble, Rock Band, Music and Movement around the Globe, Exploring Latin Culture Through Music and Dance, String Ensemble, Guitar, Ukulele.

Classes are held after school in weekly group sessions. Classes range from 3-10 students. Fall sessions are held September-December and Spring sessions are January-June.

Open mic night singer songwriter : 

we will start our open mic night series in march on the last Wedensday night of each month 7-9:30pm  drop us a line http://acmehouseofmusic.com/contact-us/  for more info or to sign up ……stay tuned

Acme Open Mic Philosophy 

Everyone has something to say.  This is a venue to say it or sing it or rap it or preach it or just share what’s in your life.  All topics are allowed however performers must realize and accept that the audience is free to leave or reject or boo them.

This is a venue for risk taking and free speech however if there are youth and/or children present then performers should exercise a little common sense about age appropriate speech.

This is not necessarily a “safe space” and should be understood as more of a space in which to work on one’s craft and develop a thick skin and resilience to criticisms.  However it is also not a place to tear down fellow performers…

Ground Rules:

    1. Anything goes, except a)No damaging the space b)No damaging yourself c)No damaging others

  1. Performers get 10 minutes each (including setting up)

Current In-Store Workshops

Cynthia Lin is coming in Feb !!! check back for details

Songwriter Showcases  TBA

Sunday swap meets TBA