Our Teachers & Staff

Our Teachers & Staff

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We collaborate with more than 30 professional musicians & teachers to offer a comprehensive set of classes across a wide array of instruments and musical disciplines.

Our teaching staff were chosen specifically for their ability to both inspire and educate students within their areas of expertise. Individually and collectively, our teachers are some of the most talented musicians and sought after music teachers in the Bay Area.

Group Classes offered:

Ukulele group lessons have begun!  Please contact the store to sign up for our next group lessons, and for more information.


  • Matt Couzens: piano (esp. jazz), sax, clarinet
  • Daniel Finnamore: piano
  • Jordan Nadell : trombone, trumpet, bugle, piano, composition
  • Pete Feltman: banjo, accordion, harmonica, ukulele, piano, voice (esp choir)
  • Jesseka Barbosa: piano


  • Max Judelson: cello, double bass, composition


  • Pete Feltman


  • Laura Wesely: violin, viola (English, German, Spanish)
  • Ariel Wang: violin, viola, ukulele, guitar, piano


  • Max Judelson: double bass, cello, composition
  • Owen Kelley: electric bass, guitar, ukulele


  • Dave Creamer : guitar
  • Pete Feltman: banjo, accordion, harmonica, ukulele, guitar, piano, voice
  • Owen Kelly


  • Pete Feltman: banjo, accordian, harmonica, uke, guitar, piano, mandolin
  • Owen Kelly


  • Pete Feltman: banjo, accordion, harmonica, ukulele, guitar, piano



  • Galen Grant
  • Donald “Duck” Bailey: Rest in Peace November 2013 our dear friend. harmonica, drum set (a jazz living legend available for consult and


  • Matt Couzens: all types of saxophone


  • Jordan Nadell: trombone, tuba, trumpet, bugle, composition, piano


  • Jordan Nadell: trombone, tuba, trumpet, bugle, composition, piano



  • Kirah Caminos: preschool music and movement (English, Spanish)


  • Ryan Phillips
  • Kirah Caminos
  • Jesseka Barbosa
  • Owen Kelly


  • John Middle: owner, audio and sound
  • Annette Loveless: owner, Early Childhood Education specialist, Kindermusik
  • Adam Lipansky: guitar tech, instrument clockmaker
  • Todd Huth: consultant (Primus, Sausage, Porch)
  • Brian Glaze: all sorts of helpful stuff, consultation (Brian Jonestown Massacre, Gris Gris)


  • Donald “Duck” Bailey: Rest in Peace November 2013 our dear friend. harmonica, drum set (a jazz living legend available for consult and mentoring).
  • Emery Barter
  • Kirah Caminos:preschool music and movement (English, Spanish)
  • Matt Couzens: all types of saxophone
  • Dave Creamer : guitar
  • Pete Feltman: banjo, ukulele, piano, harmonica, accordion
  • Daniel Finnamore: piano
  • Bob “Orion” Fredrickson: drums
  • Brian Glaze: all sorts of helpful stuff, consultation (Brian Jonestown Massacre, Gris Gris)
  • Galen Grant: Drums
  • Hanif: sax (on sabbatical healing from a recent stroke–good news, he’s playing again!)
  • Alan Hall: jazz drumming, ensemble, consultant
  • Lauren Hulbert: guitar, piano
  • Todd Huth: consultant (Primus, Sausage, Porch)
  • Max Judelson: cello, double bass, composition
  • Owen Kelly: electric bass, guitar, ukulele
  • Adam Lipansky: guitar tech, luthier string instruments
  • Annette Loveless: owner, Early Childhood Education specialist, Kindermusik
  • Dave Matthews: harmonica
  • Joe McKinley: stand up bass
  • Catherine Mehta: vocals, piano (English,Spanish)
  • John Middle: owner, audio and sound
  • Steve Moriarty: (The Gits, Joan Jett), drumset, drum repair, consultant
  • Dale Nabeta: sound engineering, general tech
  • Ryan Phillips: french horn, trumpet, bugle, piano, composition
  • Jonathan Seiberlich: tuba, trombone, trumpet
  • Ariel Wang: violin, viola, ukulele, guitar, piano, rock band
  • Laura Wesley: violin, viola (English, German, Spanish)

Jesseka Barbosa

My first work experience was teaching music lessons in 2000. I was recruited by my piano teacher, in the studio where I studied! Years worth of hard work, motivation and diligent practice paid off in the form of an occupation.

Throughout four years of high school and two years into art school, I taught beginner lessons at the Peabody Music Box. My primary instruments at the time were flute, piano and violin, however, the skills I learned as a pianist proved applicable to other instruments, and I began teaching alto sax and guitar, as well. Despite refusing to pursue a collegiate musical education, I have maintained a position as a musical instructor for the past 12 years, serving as an employee for The Music Connection/Kidsworks (2006-2008) and West Newbury School of Music (2008-present).

When my passion for music expanded beyond the realms of school-based competition and performance, I sought musical satisfaction in a different form: by becoming an active member of the Boston Music Scene. Friendships formed for love of music, I’ve performed in bands in basements, traveled to other states and have come to the understanding that music is an overall form of goodness, a form of therapy, and most importantly, that sharing this gift is the most important part of being me.

*** Lesson Details ***
With a decade+ of experience and a less-formal approach, it is my mission to provide you with the basic essential skills you need to make the music YOU want.

While the majority of my past years experience involves teaching children ages 5+, I always enjoy the experience of helping an adult fulfill a childhood longing or a new interest, as well as taking on intermediate students looking to better understand or harness previously learned skills and grow as a pianist. The pace of each lesson is entirely based on the individual student and while ALL students must first prove understanding of the basic skills taught, lessons will ultimately be a 50/50 compromise between myself and the student.

Kirah Caminos

Kirah J. Caminos, MNA. has served as Director of her own bilingual (Spanish) family daycare in Oakland, acted as Director of a First Five Center in Contra Costa and served as program director for multiple youth and family service agencies throughout the Bay Area and New York.  As a former Peace Corps volunteer overseas, she has also enjoyed engaging in community service projects and activities abroad.  Growing up in the lower east side of Manhattan, raised by a musical family and being surrounded by some of the salsa greats encouraged a lifelong love and passion for Salsa. She has studied under some of the best instructors in salsa in the Bay Area for over 12 years.

Dave Creamer

Guitar cognoscenti nationwide have known Dave Creamer for over two decades. George Benson said regarding Creamer in a Cadence magazine interview, “Absolutely the most fantastic guitar player alive in America…”

This legendary guitarist creates a rich blend of styles ranging from his exquisitely crafted original modern jazz compositions to his adaptations of jazz masters such as Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, and Wayne Shorter. Over the years in an expansive career, Creamer has performed and/or recorded with the great Miles Davis, master guitarist John Abercrombie, steel drummer Andy Narell, Bay Area favorite Mel Martin, Mel Torme and many more.

As a teacher Creamer has worked with many outstanding performers. Some of his former students include Tuck Andress, Rory Stuart, Joe Satriani, Berry Finnerty (Miles Davis, Crusaders, Brecker Brothers), Jason Becker (David Lee Roth) and Will Bernard (Will Bernard, T.J. Kirk).

Currently serving as a faculty member for Berkeley’s Jazz School and a former faculty member of the Cazadero Jazz Camp, Creamer has presented many seminars including those for the Bruce Forman Jazz Workshop.

He has authored important educational literature and his unique improvisational concepts have been spotlighted in the Guitar Player magazine columns “Chops Builder” and “Master Series”.

“Guitarist Dave Creamer is magnificently inventive and technically astute. Playing with a murky, slithery sound. Creamer flies through his solo lines, barley suggesting his influences and emerging as a towering performer.”

-Phil Elwood, San Francisco Examiner

“Dave Creamer is an artistic treasure waiting to be found by the listening public.”

– Berigan Taylor, Jazz for Dummies

Matt Couzens

Matt Couzens has been playing alto/tenor/baritone saxophone for over 20 years. He holds degrees in music (classical and jazz) from Santa Rosa Junior College (AA 1998) and Sonoma State University (BM 2000). He also briefly studied post graduate at Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY. Matt studied saxophone (reading, tone, technique, etc.) with Ralph Carney, Duane Ewing, Ari Camarota, Ernie Small, and Harvey Weinapple. He has also studied jazz improvisation with Bennett Friedman, Jeff Pittson, and Mel Graves. He has toured and recorded extensively.

A member of several Bay Area bands, much of his other work comes from sit-in and sight reading gigs. Born in Germany, Matt moved to the Bay Area when he was three years old and has called the Bay Area his home ever since. He has played in countless bands of most genres including: Swing, Jazz, Rockabilly, Funk, Ska, Blues, Dixieland, Soul, Hip Hop, Top 40, and more. Matt has been teaching new and experienced musicians of all ages for most of his adult life. He owned and operated a piano store. He has a young daughter (born in 2001) who is also musically talented. He can tailor your lessons to your specific needs.

Galen Grant

As a teacher, Galen is patient, knowledgeable and encouraging. His approach to teaching drums emphasizes fun, engaging, and individually tailored lessons that combine foundational skills with the creative rewards of improvisation. His students enjoy one-on-one instruction with unique access to some of the best modern educational drum tools. Using a refreshing mix of song transcriptions, method books, and audio/video recordings, Galen is able to provide his drum students with challenging practice materials to work with throughout the week.  He began teaching privately in 2007, and as a measure of the success of his approach to teaching drums, Galen has seen his students receive summer camp scholarships, attend collegiate music programs, play on recordings, and tour internationally.

“The exciting part about drum teaching is passing on the inspiration that music offers us in our daily lives. From understanding our physicality and creative expression to attaining a deeper appreciation of cultures around the world and building meaningful friendships, drumming can open our lives to uniquely rich and diverse experiences!”

Galen teaches both privately and in the Piedmont School District where he is a percussion clinician and directs the Jazz Lab Band. He is also co-founder of the GrooveLab after-school enrichment program, and has travelled to student music competitions in New Orleans, Manhattan, Vancouver, and Hawaii. Galen has stayed active in the music education community by attending California Music Educator Association (CMEA) conferences in northern California.

After being deeply inspired by Carlos Santana’s percussionists and a thrilling performance by the zydeco great Queen Ida, Galen was captivated by the drums and began playing early on at age 10.  Exploring music through drumming became a constant pursuit, a calling. During college, Galen studied sound design at Bucknell University and jazz history at the Santa Rosa Junior College before receiving his B.A. in Art and Social Change from the New College of San Fransisco with an emphasis in improvisational music from Berkeley’s Jazzschool and the Ali Akbar College of Music. Galen has taken private lessons with Jack Lawton of Lawton’s Ludwig Drum Co., Mike Clark, and Scott Amendola. He has attended master classes by drumming greats Billy Cobham, Brian Blade, Alex Acuna, and Dafnis Prieto, to name a few, and small group classes with Peter Magadini (author of “Polyrhythms- The Musicians Guide”), Colin Bailey (author of “Bass Drum Control”) and tabla maestro Swapan Chaudhuri.  Professionally, Galen has performed with a variety of Bay Area musicians opening for artists such as Les Claypool, Donald Harrison, Wil Blades and reggae singer Eek-a-Mouse. Aside from performing in Bay Area clubs, Galen has played in Europe and at venues such as The Palace of Fine Arts, Yoshi’s jazz club, and has accompanied a student ensemble at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Currently Galen leads the modern jazz quartet WildLyfe who released their debut album, “RootBall” in 2018.

Daniel Finnamore

“Tone and color..musically cohesive, exciting performance.” -Michael Walsh, S.F. Examiner & TIME Magazine

“The performance of the Liszt B Minor Sonata is right up there with the Greats.” Richard Cross, American Liszt Society

Daniel and trained at UC Berkeley and the Oakland Conservatory, has 38+ years teaching experience, and is a professional classical recording artist (5 albums) and concert pianist.

As a teacher Daniel is patient, kind, understanding, supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable.

He teaches to you, not to a pre-determined lesson plan, book or style. Theory, history and keyboard technique are emphasized.

Daniel offers a free half-hour introductory session to discuss your goals. He teaches all styles, all levels and ages (4 — 104)

He also organizes biannual student performance workshops for his student ages 4-18.

Brian Glaze

Brian Glaze is a modern troubadour from the land that spawned The Brian Jonestown Massacre (of which he was a member), Badly Drawn Boy and Mayo Thompson (Red Krayola). Between the deep, rich and dark songwriting and the masterful Ashley arrangements, Rainsplitter widens Glaze’s scope and puts him prominently in place of the New WEIRD AMERICA folk psych scene that is taking the world by storm. Fresh off of the troubadour with the Greg Ashley Medicine Fuck Dream Hootenanny, Brian Glaze is ready to come into your hearts as he splits the rain from the sky on his new album, Rainsplitter.

“Navigating the waters of love lost and found, Glaze draws from his days drumming for the San Francisco psych rockers and sets sail across an ocean of mind-altering melodies with fuzzy guitars, spacey Hammond organs and quivering tambourines” –- Oakland Tribune

Todd Huth

It took years of hard work and gigging in the Bay Area before freak-metal outfit—and unlikely rock stars—Primus blew up in the ’90s. Spazzy, weirdo bass player/frontman Les Claypool started the band in the early ’80s with guitarist Todd Huth. In 1988, literally months before Primus released their first album, Suck on This, Huth quit the band. While Larry LaLonde, Huth’s replacement, ended up getting most of the credit for Primus’s unusual guitar work, it was Huth that wrote most the parts for those early albums and essentially laid the groundwork with Claypool to create the Primus sound.

Huth’s departure was amicable, but terribly timed. Still, it’s not like Huth didn’t benefit from Primus’ success. He’s gotten to play in some of Claypool’s side projects. (Sausage & Les Claypool’s Fearless Frog Brigade). But where Huth really shines is in his own project, Porch, which he started in the mid-’90s, and features former Today is the Day bassist Christopher Frey and former Samiam drummer Dave Ayer. The distinct guitar work that would help elevate Primus into monster-cult status is abundant in Porch. Huth mixes heavy distortion and traditional blues scales with dissonant chords. Unlike LaLonde, who would bring a tinnier tone and a lighter, more abstract flair to Primus, Huth has a deep, gritty style.

Porch is clearly more purely Huth’s musical vision. In other words, there isn’t any of Claypool’s goofy cartoon qualities. It’s a lot of heavy metal chops mixed with prog-rock timing and atmospheric experimentations. Huth likes to go for that slow, deep, powerful sound, though it sounds nothing like the Melvin or later-era Black Flag. His affinity for Zepplin riff-rock is balanced by a love for math rock, atonal noises and passionate vocals.

Max Judelson

Max began his bass studies with Cameron Brown in the New York City area. In2006 Max lived in Paris, France where he played in cafes, clubs, the street and subway with pop bands, and improvised music groups. He is a graduate of the Boston Conservatory where he studied bass with Benjamin Levy. While in Boston Max regularly performed at Massachusetts General Hospital where he developed a music program for patients, families and staff. His article, “The Economics of the Street Musician” was published in The Wall Street Journal (on-line) and was interviewed for NPPR’s “Talk of the Nation” addressing the same topic. Max now lives in Berkeley where he works with Oouroboros Shadow Pictures, accompanies dance classes, composes music for dance and film and races cyclocross professionally. To see videos of Max’s work collaborating with dance visit http://vimeo.com/maxjudelson.

Owen Kelly

Owen Kelley is a Guitar teacher and performing Guitarist and Bassist. He began playing guitar at age 11 and went on to study Jazz and Classical Guitar at Capital University in Columbus, OH. Owen moved to Oakland in 2010, and has been performing locally and nationally ever since. Today he performs with original rock groups Cash Pony, Talkies, and Fine Points. In addition to Acme Music he is a guitar teacher at Music Land School of Music in Fremont and Guitar/Piano accompanist at Studio Grand Group Voice class. *** Lesson Details *** I specialize in all forms of rock and pop music, primarily modern rock, blues and jazz. I also study and am proficient in classical guitar technique as well. I use the Hal Leonard Guitar and Bass Method and Mel Bay Modern Guitar Method books to establish sight reading and general technique and theory. I try to keep lessons interactive and loose while still staying on task and making sure the student has something new to work on for each session. I’ll start out with simple chords fingerings and melodies, something fun and musical to work on. Sight reading, music theory, and scales are added as we progress. I find that most students enjoy learning some of their favorite songs on the guitar, so I encourage them to bring in recordings and we can work out the chords and melodies of those songs. Overall I try to promote improvisation and experimentation with what we work on, striking a balance between learning new concepts and having fun with them. Playing the guitar can be very enjoyable but it does take practice and some dedication to get better. I encourage students to practice at least a little bit each day.

Annette Loveless

Annette has worked with young children for more than 20 years. She has a B.S. in Developmental Psychology and has developed curriculum and managed programs for infants through 12 years of age.

She is also a part-time actor, musician and performance artist. As a performance artist and MC, she does original pieces combining music, dance, comedy and narrative story telling.

Other stage credits include Nora in Ibsen’s “A Doll House”, Yente in “Fiddler on the Roof” and more.

In addition to being passionate about the care and education of young children, she is an active environmentalist. Her family’s organic farm on the east coast is now a nature preserve.

Her energy, warmth and patience make her a natural for working with young children–and their parents!

Laura Wesely

Born and raised near Frankfurt (Germany), Laura took up the viola from the age of 6. She studied with Almut Steinhausen (Eichendorff Trio) until she moved to New Hampshire in 2003. There she took up studying with Joni Hill, becoming the principal violist in the New Hampshire All State Symphony Orchestra. In 2007 Laura moved to New York, where she attended Hofstra University. Even though she studied Spanish and German literature in her undergraduate, Laura continued to play viola with the Hofstra University Symphony orchestra, where she held the principal chair for two years. She also performed in numerous small ensembles, the opera pit and gave violin and viola lessons for several months on Long Island. Now Laura lives in Oakland and teaches Spanish at an Oakland public middle school. In Oakland, Laura is performing with the Prometheus Symphony Orchestra and the Civic Women’s Orchestra and can be seen occasionally playing the fiddle in small blue grass string bands.

Pete Feltman

Pete Feltman is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter.  He loves to play, teach and talk about music regardless of the genre or tradition.  He’s been singing all of his life, playing piano for 28 years, and strings for 17 years.  Pete believes that music itself is the best teacher and is excited to help you discover your own voice and the ability to express your musical ideas with a confidence in tone and a comfortable feel.  He currently plays banjo in two bands: Westcoast Wildfire and The Gravel Spreaders.  He is also Director of Music Ministry at College Ave Presbyterian Church in the Rockridge neighborhood.  He holds a BA in Theatre/Communication/Education from University of Northern Iowa, and an M.Div from San Francisco Theological Seminary.

Adam Lipansky, Store manager and string instrument repairs