It is part of our personal mission to contribute in a meaningful and positive way to our community.

We have started a scholarship fund in honor of Acme Music founder Jay Rose. You can contribute directly through the PayPal account or purchase a Jay Rose Memorial T-shirt for $15 and all proceeds go to the fund. Contributions go to music lessons for local children and young adults who would otherwise go without.

Throughout the year, we contribute in a variety of ways. While there are many great causes, we focus on our local community, children/young adults and education/positive activities. Children are our future.

We regularly provide discounted and free products and service to our local customers in need.

We have extended credit to our local customers who are not qualified for credit, so far at a loss. We like to this we can turn this around.

ACME PHILANTHROPY – 2015 (partial list)

Peralta Elementary

Urban Montessori

Cello lessons high school student

Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir

Peter Pan Cooperative Nursery School

Aurora School

Claremont Middle School Band


ACME PHILANTHROPY – 2014 (partial list)

Alameda P.A.L.: gang suppression and drug awareness program.

North Oakland Community Charter School

Laurel Elementary

Melrose Leadership Academy

Urban Montessori

Discounted tuition for several students in our school enrichment programs

Free guitar instruction, instrument, accessories and books to neighborhood youth

Discounted guitar instruction senior citizen

International Pop Organization



ACME PHILANTHROPY – 2013 (partial list)

Melrose Leadership Academy

Allendale Elementary

Western Conference Track and Field Team

Sequoia Elementary

International Pop Organization

Skyline Preschool

CCPA Internship Program


ACME PHILANTHROPY – 2012 (partial list)

  • Hosted/provided/recruited talent/promoted/organized and provided the sound equipment necessary to put on 7 First Friday events. The first three were hosted at ACME HOUSE OF MUSIC. We moved the event to our neighbors business MILIKI for the final four. We did not receive any financial consideration for putting these events together. We invested thousands of dollars in to these events by way of time/equipment and promotion. Our motivation altruistic. We simply wanted to put on an event that could be a focus for community interaction, pride and creativity.
  • Hosted a fundraiser along with Valerie Troutt for Brett Harte Elementary. Four hundred dollars plus was raised for their jazz ensemble.
  • Provided art and sound equipment at no chargeby way of supporting GIRLSTOCK an annual event that primarily features female artists and musicians in the Bay Area. We have supported this event since it’s inception several years ago. GIRLSTOCK operates as a benefit for various charitable causes. It raises several thousand dollars each year in this capacity.
  • Along with Mary Shields we found housing, proper medical care, meals on wheels and additional support resources for J Rose the former owner of ACME HOUSE OF MUSIC. We coordinated to get him into the ALTENHEIM a local and well respected sr housing facility. The program we were able to qualify him for allows for minimal payment of rent while providing him with a comfortable one bedroom apartment of his own. Beyond this we take care of Jay in terms of the holidays, special appt’s and so on. Our interns as part of their internship program are required to visit with Jay.
  • We provided sound for MILLS COLLEGE for their Freshman welcome event.
  • We subsidized lessons for 12 yr old local resident Gabriel Angelo who we felt was a promising musician. Ultimately he was featured on ELLEN playing the trumpet this year.
  • We subsidized lessons for 3 other young and promising musicians who otherwise would have not been able to afford private lessons.
  • Through our internship program we have given 14 students from schools such as SKYLINE, EXPRESSIONS FOR NEW MEDIA and MILLS COLLEGE the opportunity to develop their skills in the workplace and to propogate their musical ambitions.
  • We contributed a guitar to the MILL’s college end of year senior fundraiser.
  • We contributed a piece of original art to COVA (local school) for their silent auction fundraiser.
  • We provided financial support and resources to THE METRO our local newspaper. John also contributed an article to THE METRO in which he extolled the virtues of Oakland by way of referencing the talent specifically residing in the Laurel District.
  • We provided the instruments and sound equipment at no charge for the POP UP FESTIVALS from their inception to the present day.
  • We supported the music programs overseen by Vince Tolliver at SKYLINE HIGH SCHOOL in several ways. We provided them with discounted instruments. We allowed our equipment to be used at no charge for some of their special events. ACME helped to promote their gigs locally. Finally we accepted several SKYLINE students into our internship program.
  • We donated 40 plus hours to local churches including Tower of Faith Ministry, Faith Baptist, Laurel United Methodist Church and Foothill Missionary Baptist. The time was invested into helping these houses of worship rationalize and improve their sound systems.
  • We provided at no charge pre-school music classes (Kindermusik) for kids in the Laurel District who otherwise would have gone with out.
  • During its tenure, ACME actively supported by way of donation and consignment, the indoor market place that ultimately closed.
  • We helped Lounge 3411 our neighboring business with their sound set up and with the production of several events. We donated a subwoofer worth several hundred dollars to them as part of this engagement.
  • ACME provided the sound gear, music and personnel for the lighting of the xmas lights in the Laurel District for a fraction of the usual cost.
  • We donated toys to the Dominion church toy drive.
  • We supported the LAUREL ART WORKS. Initially we provided sound equipment and music for the events. John actively provided art for one of their openings. Ultimately we installed a soundsystem at a highly discounted rate into the facility.
  • John gave free DJ lessons to a couple of ACME students for several months.
  • We are currently in the process of re-vamping the sound at Kid’n’Dance. ACME provided them with special pricing for this engagment. We were able to save them a couple of thousand dollars over LEOS PRO AUDIO while providing them with far more personalized service.
  • We in collaboration with the Laurel Village Association organized the Summer Solstice Festival.
  • ACME specifically contributed all of the sound gear necessary for the event which involved four separate stages.
  • ACME also secured the majority of the acts that participated. Sourcing them exclusively from the LAUREL DISTRICT. Ultimately we hosted 25 plus bands.
  • ACME helped promote and market the event.
  • We paid out of our own pockets for gear specific to the event and for the hours put in by necessary personell.
  • Approx 600 folks came out to the event, primarily from the immediate neighborhood.
  • The event was put on by volunteers with an extremely small budget. None of the funding for the event came from the Public coffers (City, Feds tax money).