When we were considering starting our music business, we began by idealizing what we wanted out of life and work, and how we wanted to create our new life together. We wanted to actually live our values and to be of value. We wanted to toil for soulful work that contributes to the world in a positive way. Having our own small business that promotes education and music, running our business with integrity, and contributing to the community we live and work in fulfills our mission. We think of our customers as our neighbors and aspire to develop good friendships with them.  Ultimately we take a long term perspective on our business.

We believe everyone can make music. You do not need to be technically proficient to appreciate music or to enjoy creating it. To be technically proficient, you need training and lots of practice. 

We believe in value rather than brands, and getting the best equipment for your needs at a fair price. Indeed it is a struggle for us to match the prices offered by big merchandisers who have special discount pricing and sell in volume, but we do our best and hope our customers feel that the added service we provide, along with the competitive pricing, offer greater value.