Instruments, Accessories, Sheet Music, Practice Books, Audio Equipment. New and Used. Our rotating selection of guitars includes hard to find Silvertone and Kay brands, among others.

It is always our goal to fit you with the right equipment for YOUR needs–the right sell, not just an up-sell.

We have an ever revolving supply of used gear, as well as new. Sound gear, turntables, amps, receivers, drum machines, etcetera…

One thing most customers overlook about Acme is how it has been managed to compete with the large corporate giants in the surrounding areas. Large chains are able to purchase thousands of a single product next to our twenty of the same item, making their costs incredibly lower. There are actually a large number of items we lose money on just to have them in stock for the customer’s convenience.

So next time you purchase an item at Acme at a comparable price to the corporate stores, we hope you will appreciate our efforts to keep costs down.

All our stringed instruments go through the once over twice with our fabulous guitar tech, Adam. He makes sure the instruments are optimized and set up properly. This is a service that you do not generally get when purchasing from most stores,  on line retailers, Ebay, Craigslist, etc. A properly set up instrument can make an okay instrument great and a great instrument fantastic. It can really make a difference in the playablility and value of an instrument.

We do offer new and used band and orchestra instruments which we can also rent out. If we don’t have it, we can get it!

Here’s a sampling of some of our offerings:

  • strings (Ernie Ball, Martin, Aquila, Red Label)
  • Korg and Snark digital metronomes and tuners
  • reeds (Rico)
  • Dean Markley pick-ups
  • LR Baggs Paradi EQ/DI
  • gift certificates
  • music stands
  • mics, mic stands
  • wide variety of used gear including mixers, receivers, amps, speakers, drum machines, and soooo much more….
  • Makai, Lanakai Ukes
  • Tycoon percussion