Our teachers are experienced teachers and working musicians. Click HERE for bios.

Lessons: We offer 30 or 60 minute lessons and recommend one lesson per week, giving you enough time to practice and then be ready to build upon what you have been working on the prior week. We start with your goals and the music you want to learn and build around that.

Rates: $175 per month for 30 minute lesson per week.

Books and Materials: Your teacher will make recommendations on books, accessories (metronome, tuner, music stand, recording device) and instruments. We keep most of these materials in stock for purchase. We recommend a metronome for every instrument. We encourage you to record your lessons.

Tuition Payments: One month’s tuition is due in advance each month and is non-refundable.

Rescheduling: Essentially, you are buying a time slot and your time is reserved for you whether you attend the lesson or not. Tuition is the same each month whether there are 4 or 5 weeks.

Vacation: We request a two weeks advanced notice for extended vacations or termination of lessons. If you are taking an extended vacation or a break from lessons, we cannot hold your slot unless you are continuing to pay for the slot.

Store Holidays:  Thanksgiving Thursday and Friday, Christmas and New Years. We will give advanced notice for any extra holidays.

Practice: The student agrees to practice daily and has access to an instrument. We recommend practicing at the same time every day.  On an “off” day, try just 10 minutes or work on just one thing.

Customized group lessons, including Rock Band, can be created just for you if you have a group.

Click here for our current list of Group Lessons and Workshops.